Ushering Ministry

What we do:
Collect and count offerings.
Welcoming members to the services.
Arrange the venue for major CU events.
Control the crowd.
Make order in the church.

Meeting Schedules:

Mondays 6:50 pm to 7:50 pm for prayers.

Leadership Structure:

Chief ushers(2) One male and another Female
The Head of Houses
The Treasurer
The Secretary

Policy and Values:

Officials serve for one spiritual year
The Chief of the day oversees all the activities in the Church
Meeting are scheduled for every Monday, on Sundays for first service from 6:30 am, second service from 9:30 am, Wednesday from 6:50 pm. Every house meets at a day of their convenience at least once a week.
Contribution of 50 shillings at the beginning of every semester for the ushering kitty.
Every first Monday of every month is a prayer and fasting day.


Members Range Between 30 to 60.

Limo I Kiptoo: Chief Usher 0708792108
Edith Njoki: Chief Usher 0790 945 343
Felister Gatwiri Jewels Head 0792501934
George Otieno 1st service Dad 0798794382
Gordon Ochieng 2nd service Dad 0757201460
Abed Muithya Prayer Secretary  0740772353
Faith Wagaki 3rd service mum 0707846428
Eunice Mose Treasure 0741 384686

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