Ushering Ministry

What we do:
Collect and count offerings.
Welcoming members to the services.
Arrange the venue for major CU events.
Control the crowd.
Make order in the church.

Meeting Schedules:

Mondays 6:50 pm to 7:50 pm for prayers.

Leadership Structure:

Chief ushers(2) One male and another Female
The Head of Houses
The Treasurer
The Secretary

Policy and Values:

Officials serve for one spiritual year
The Chief of the day oversees all the activities in the Church
Meeting are scheduled for every Monday, on Sundays for first service from 6:30 am, second service from 9:30 am, Wednesday from 6:50 pm. Every house meets at a day of their convenience at least once a week.
Contribution of 50 shillings at the beginning of every semester for the ushering kitty.
Every first Monday of every month is a prayer and fasting day.


Members Range Between 30 to 60.

Brent Jure: Chief Usher 0718 303 158
Edith Njoki: Chief Usher 0790 945 343

Follow us:@jkuatushering

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