About us

Our core activity as SORET is to evangelize to the people of South Rift-Valley and also take part in high school weekend challenges especially in South Rift. We also minister to students during our fellowships.


The activities we have are: prayer retreats, social retreats, sports day, first years’ walk and bash and continuous in-reach in hostels within and without school.


We range between 70 and 100 in every fellowship.

There are no requirements. Anyone with a passion of knowing God more can join.

We also have a constitution.

Meeting Schedule

Sunday, 3:45pm-5:45pm RH 02 for fellowship.
Sunday, 9:30pm-10:00pm Upper Chambers for prayers.
Thursday(fortnightly), 6:00pm RPE for prayer and fasting conclusion.
Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm RH 02 for intercessory prayers.

Leadership Structure

Chairperson (Dad)
Vice chairperson (Mum)
Vice secretary
Organizing Secretary
Missions Coordinator
Prayer Secretary
Praise and Worship Leader

The teams we have are: Missions committee, Technical team and Hospitality team

Joas Koech Chairperson 0708 413 637
Naomi Chebet Vice Chairperson 0741 285 182
Hillary Kemboi Secretary 0716 676 026
Ivy Birgen Vice Secretary 0720 323 876
Gilbert Ngeno Treasurer 0703 874 955
Joas Rono Organizing Secretary 0707 978 405
Mercy Cherotich Missions Coordinator 0790 313 391
Maureen Cheruto Prayer Secretary 0703 344 262
Eunice Owendi Praise & worship Head 0723 835 202