Issue At Hand   The JKUATCU has had challenges with our sound system in the recent past due to the following reasons:

  • The current sound system is worn out due to continuous use over time (minimum of six times per week) since 2005
  • We have had an increase in population, hence changing number of Sunday services from one to three.
  • We have annual missions which use our entire sound system.
  • Frequent movement of the equipment has increased wearing out

Due to this, difficulties have been experienced during the fellowships and meetings. There have also been challenges when it comes to outdoor ministry during the annual missions.   We therefore saw it prudent to come up with sound project aimed at doing an overhaul of the entire sound system at a cost of 1.5 million by April next year (2017). So far we have been able to raise 1.06 million.   Currently, to enable the normal running of the Christian Union pertaining to sound, the Evangelistic Teams instruments are usually borrowed. For major events, however, the Union has had to hire instruments from different organizations which is very costly.   Sound Project   From the critical analysis of the current sound equipment, it is evident that there was a need to do an overhaul of the whole sound system. The sound project was formulated to cover the whole process of budgeting and ways of raising money towards funding the project.   Project Budget   After serious deliberations, a target of 1.5 million was projected as the total amount for the budget.Various Sound Committees over the period of time have devised ways of raising the amount. Progress   So far we have raised 1.06 million and we really thank God for mercifully helping us raise this amount though it has not yet hit the target. After deliberation it was seen fit to import the Public Address and then get the backside instruments locally. This is done with the advice of lawyers to ensure a legitimate and efficient process.   We really need a new sound system before we go for annual mission in April 2017.   Recommendation   This is our plea to all brethren in the Lord: 2 Corinthians 8:7 – But as you excel in everything – faith, in speech, in knowledge, in all earnestness, and in our love for you – see that you excel in this grace also.   Current state of our equipment   The information in this table was obtained after evaluation the sound system and describes the current condition of our equipment.

Equipment Make Model Specification PurchaseTime Condition
1.      COMBO Peavey Combo 115 200w- 4 ohms 2005 Bad
2.      Power Amp. Behringer EP 150 700×2 4 ohms Oct. 2007 Fair
3.      Mixer Behringer Euro-desk 24- channel Oct. 2007 Bad
4.      Bass Guitar Fender-Stratocaster 2009 Fair
5.      Lead Guitar Vinci Sept. 2011 Bad
6.      Speakers Peavey – 2 PV 115 8 ohms 400w 2005 Fair
7.      Powered Amp. Phonic Phonic 740 4 ohms 220w —- Poor
8.      Drum set 1 Drum set 2 Yamaha —- Bad
2013 Fair
9.      Microphone Lucky star LS-321 Unidirectional condenser 2014 Good
Shure mic SM- 58 Multidirectional cordless Good
Shure receiver SH-500 Receiver Need checking
Hi-power k-318 Cordless receiver June 2014 Poor
Hi-power k-318 Cordless mic June 2014 Poor
10.  C-top Promeiody k-1200 12 channel Bad

Detailed Budget   The information in this table shows the quotation and the specific model of equipment’s to be bought.


Mixer 32 Channels Sound Craft 1
Amplifier 1100W*2 Crest Audio CA-12 2
1650W*2 Crest Audio CA-9 1
Amp Mixer 12 Channels AERO800 1
Digital processor DBX DBX 240
Equalizer  30-2
Speaker SubWoofer 2
Mid-Range 8
Keyboard Yamaha PSR 770
Key Board Stand 1
Guitar Acoustic Memphis
Bass (5 string) Yamaha
Lead Combo Value King 1
Electric Guitar(22 frets) Yamaha 1
Drum mics Shure(Clipped 5pcs) 1
Head Phones 1
Snake cable 32 channels 40 metres
Speaker Cables  2.5 mm 100 mtrs 2
1.5 mm 100 mtrs 1
Signal Cable 100 mtrs
Microphones Wireless(UHF 4 antennaes) ATR 1
Chorded Peavey PVi2 4
Goose Neck Mic 1
Stands Mic stands 4
Speaker stands
Guitar Stands 2
Ratchets 2
 Jackpins proel 8
 Power regulator rack mountable  1

We are humbly requesting for your financial support towards this goal. May the Lord bless you as you prayerfully consider our plea. You can send your contributions to: Account Name – JKUATCU MAIN, Account No. 2024144340 Barclays Bank Juja.   For more information, kindly contact the executive committee.          


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