Bible Study is an essential part of a Christian’s life. Here at JKUATCU  we are committed to ensure personal spiritual growth for every member of the union and Bible Study is one of the best avenues to do so. Bible Study is carried our via small groups  and held every TUESDAY for at least one hour between 7:00PM TO 8:30PM . The Bible Study Ministry is led by  a team of  very able coordinators and bible study leaders. Bible Study coordinators  are responsible for the creation of Bible Study (BS) groups and coordination of Bible studies. The BS leaders are responsible for leading their respective BS groups.

Bible Study Registration is carried out at the beginning of every Semester. The registration is done online through our portal and the groups posted at the CU office thereafter  but in case one misses to register, you can find a BS group near you and join it or you can contact any of the BS coordinators whose names are also posted at the CU office.