Nurturing Ministry

Nurturing Ministry is a place of spiritual growth through sharings, follow ups and classes. We guide newly born again belivers through the walk of salvation through one on one talks and the New Believers classes. We also have a Discipleship classed for all the other members.

Meeting Schedule:

We meet twice a week.
Sunday, 8:00am Clb 107 & 107(for both discipleship and new believers classes).
Monday, 6:30pm Upper Chambers (for sharing and prayers).

Leadership Structure:

Nurturing Ministry is headed by a Coordinator, and the other two leadership posts include the Secretary and Treasurer.
We also have teachers, whose numbers change according to their availability.

Requirements to join:

We have no fixed membership requirements in Nurturing Ministry. In fact, everyone is invited to all our meetings at their convenience.
Members Range Between 70 to 100.

Kevin Iha: Coordinator 0702 661 675
Moses Hihu: Treasurer 0704 000 959
Winnie Atieno: Secretary 0713 191 229
Dennis Maasai: Teacher 0728 094 604
Faith Kilutu: Teacher 0713 208 498
Mary Wanjiru: Teacher 0724 429 516

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