Mid-Eastern United Brethren Evangelistic Team

MUBET is an evangelistic team committed to:

1. Proclaim the gospel of Christ through preaching, training, nurturing and practicing the Word.
2. Sensitize members into mission work in their heed to God’s calling.
3. Promote unity in the body of Christ.
4. Make disciples and nurture new believers.
5. Encourage interdenominational fellowships.

Meeting Schedules:

1.Sunday evenings: From 4 p.m – 6 p.m at FABS 002 for fellowship.
2.Thursday night: From 7 p.m – 8 pm at the open space between ALB & AMB.
3.Friday night : From 7 p.m-9 p.m, home-cells (Only when JKUATCU has no activity/event).

Leadership Structure:

1. Chairperson- Coordinates all the activities of the ET and acts as the spokesperson.
2. Vice-chairperson- Fully shares the responsibilities of the chair in absentia.
3. Secretary- Responsible for record keeping of all ministry data and minutes.
4. Vice secretary/mum- In charge of all refreshments in the ET (Hence the title ‘mum’).
5. Treasurer- In charge of the ET’s account and finances.
6. Missions coordinator- In charge of the ET’s mission activities.
7. Prayer secretary – Coordinates all the ET’s prayer activities.
8. Bible study Coordinator- In charge of bible study and home cells.
9. Music director-Coordinates the praise and worship team.
10.Organizing secretary- In charge of organizing all the ET’s events e.g. retreats.

Policy and Values:

We have a constitution.


To proclaim the holistic gospel of Christ in every part of Mid-eastern region of Kenya and beyond.


To make Christ known and transform the society through the holistic gospel.


The ministry is committed to proclaim the gospel of Christ through preaching, nurturing, training and practicing the word.

Doctrinal basis:

We believe in the sovereignty of God, unity of the father the son and Holy spirit.
The justification of sinner by the grace of God. Redemption from guilt penalty of sin through the death of Christ.
The indwelling and work of Holy spirit in the believer. The expectation of the return of Jesus Christ.

Members Range Between 70 to 100.

Newton Mwirigi Chairperson 0716 292 803
Jeremy Wachira Vice Chairperson 0716 165 419
Martin Njeru Treasurer 0702 552 850
Beatrice Wambui Organizing Secretary 0797 629 289
Eric Mugambi Missions Coordinator 0714 775 165
Sharon Wanja Bible Study Coordinator 0702 468 242
Grace Njoki Secretary 0717 716 826
Lilian Kanana Vice Secretary 0702 284 183
Violet Njeri Prayer Secretary 0742 175 840
Lilian Makena Music Director 0707 452 824

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