Hospitality Ministry
We serve members of the Christian union with Snacks during main christian union activities.
We also participate in providing the Speakers and guests with breakfast and lunch on Sundays and lemonade on Wednesday.

Meeting Schedule:

On Mon,6:00-7:00pm for Prayers at Upper Chambers

Leadership Structure:

We have a leader,the Hospitality head who is incharge of the overall running of the Ministry.
We have two ladies and two gents to help the head run the Ministry well.
The members of the Ministry have been sub-divided into Five groups for each leader to be incharge of a specific number of people.p

Policy And Constitution:

We have a constitution indicating responsibilities of leaders and regulations to be followed when choosing leaders.
Members Range Between 30 to 60.

Janet Mumbua: Hospitality head 0741 221476
Esther Khatenje: Assistant Jewels’ Head 0700 095 585
Harvey Wanyonyi: Dad’s Head 0719 828 508
Sharon Mwangi: Jewels Head 0728 168 078
Fanis Hoka: Treasurer 0115521015
Alex Mumo: Prayer coordinator 0111829686

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