How does one become a member of JKUATCU and what is expected of members?

See our membership page.

How does one get something announced during fellowships or Sunday Services?

All announcements must be passed through the Secretary by text (or otherwise) via the JKUATCU phone number (+254741852211). Sunday announcements should be passed to the secretary before 7:00pm on Saturday and Wednesday announcements before 7:00pm on Monday.

How does one get a clip played during the Wednesday Fellowship?

Anyone or any department/group within JKUATCU who wants a clip played during the Wednesday Fellowship must pass it through either the Literature Secretary who must be notified at least one week in advance. The EdIT ministry only makes clips that convey announcements of events/groups involving the whole CU. Any ministry/ET/Fellowship within JKUATCU that desires to have a clip played during the Wednesday fellowship should organize to have it by one of their own members and if and only if they are unable should notify the EdIT director at least two weeks in advance to enable them to make a good clip. Clips of groups not within JKUATCU or groups which are not working with or affiliated in any way with JKUATCU can only be played if approved by the executive committee. Clips are not played during Sunday Services and may only be played, under certain circumstances, if the Executive Committee approves. All clips must be approved by the executive committee.

How does one go about borrowing the union’s equipment such as the projector, speakers or instruments?

No equipment belonging to JKUATCU is lent on an individual basis or to any group whose goals and objectives are in conflict with JKUATCU’s goals and objectives. Any group, including JKUATCU ministries, ET’s and Fellowships, wishing to borrow any equipment MUST submit their request in writing through an official letter addressed to the relevant leader or to the Executive Committee at least one week prior to its use. The letter must clearly state who will be responsible for the equipment, what it will be used for, when it will be used and when it will be returned. Requests by any other means or late requests will not be accepted. Those wishing to borrow any equipment such as the projector or any equipment belonging to the EdIT ministry should address their letter to the Media And Publicity Secretary. Those wishing to borrow instruments, or our sound system should address their letter to the Media And Publicity Secretary. Those wishing to borrow decor or lighting material should address their letter to the Organizing Secretary. Those wishing to borrow utensils should address their letter to the Jewels Head.

What is MD?

MD stands for Morning Devotion. It is a devotion that takes place every weekday from 5:30am to 6:30am. It starts with individual prayers at 5:30am and then at 6:00am we all gather to listen to the word of God and to pray together. Those who stay within campus meet at the assembly hall blue seats and those who stay in hostels outside can either opt to join the rest at the assembly hall or request for their own MD to be organized by the prayer office by contacting the Prayer Secretary.

Where is the Power House located and what is it used for?

The power house is located in the assembly hall adjascent to the stairs that lead to the balcony. It is used for prayers and many JKUATCU announcements are also posted there.

Where is the Upper Chambers located and what is it used for?

The “Upper Chambers” refers to the roof top located at the assembly hall on top of the hair salon and CATCOM office. One can get there by going to the assembly hall balcony and walking all the way to the end(on the side that’s in the foyer) and going through the small window at the end.

How does one join a ministry in the union?

One can join a ministry by contacting the ministry through their page on this site or contacting the leader of the ministry.


MANIFEST stands for Man In for Excellence, Stature and Transformation. It is the name of the mens’ ministry in JKUATCU and includes all the men in the union. JEWELS or JEWELS OF HONOUR likewise is the sisters’ or ladies’ ministry in JKUATCU and it includes all ladies in JKUATCU. Both MANIFEST and JEWELS have a leader and are linked to the executive committee by the Manifest Head(Dad) and Jewels Head(Mum) respectively.

Where is the JKUATCU office located?

Our office is located inside the Students’ Center.

Where is the JKUATCU Library located?

The library is located inside the JKUATCU office.

How can one borrow or buy books from the library?

The library ministry holds books sale every Sunday after the service(s) at the main entrance of the respective venue. One can also borrow books on Sundays from 3pm in the JKUATCU office. Returning of books should also be done on Sundays.

What is UP?

UP stands for Unashamed Praise which is an annual overnight worship experience hosted by the JKUATCU Music Ministry usually in October.

What is the Kasiluni project?

It is a project which was initiated by JKUATCU students in August 2009 in the aftermath of the annual mission which was in Kasiluni that year. It is aimed at providing sustainable sanitation facilities, clean drinking water and quality permanent learning classrooms at Kasiluni primary school and lighting for Kasiluni primary and the surrounding Kasiluni community in Mwingi, Kitui County, Kenya.

What is the IDC and how is it connected with JKUAT CHRISTIAN UNION?

IDC stands for Interdenominational Church, which is another Christian Fellowship in the JKUAT Main Campus. It comprised mainly of lecturers, a few students and also alumni of JKUAT. It works closely with JKUATCU in providing children’s fellowship (Sunday School) to the University and the Community.

What is Romance 101?

Romance 101 is a program aimed at teaching students godly principles on relationships. It is ran by Johnnie and Maggie Gathuku. It takes place as and when scheduled by the executive committee.

What is an ET?

An ET is an Evangelistic Team. It is a group of JKUATCU members from a certain region in Kenya whose main aim is to evangelize both within campus and without but especially in the regions from which the members come from. Currently there are 12 ET’s in JKUATCU.

What is FOCUS Kenya?

FOCUS Kenya stands for Fellowship of Christian Unions. It is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that serves as an umbrella body bringing together Christian unions from different universities and colleges throughout Kenya. FOCUS’ aim is to facilitate mutual support, inter-campus sharing of ideas and sharpening of leadership capacities for effective Christian work within the affiliated institutions and later in the world of work. More info on their website.

Who is a STEM staff and what do they do?

A STEM (Short Term Experience in Ministry) staff is a former student who was once a CU leader in their respective campus, who now works with FOCUS under the STEM program as an advisor and mentor to the leaders of JKUATCU and is an Ex-official member of the Executive Committee. The STEM staff links JKUATCU to FOCUS. He/She also serves as a mentor/advisor to JKUATCU members, especially the leaders. He/She works with the leaders to nurture the leadership skills in them. More info

What is BEST-P?

BEST-P stands for Bible Expository and Self Training Program. It is a program within JKUATCU that is intended to equip members with skills on how to read and interpret the bible effectively, grow in the knowledge of the word, and how to carry out expository preaching on scripture. It is under the Bible Study and Training Department.

How does JKUATCU get speakers for it’s fellowships and services?

All speakers who come to any event, fellowship/service hosted by JKUATCU or a department within JKUATCU MUST be known by atleast one member of the executive committee and are approved and invited by the Executive Committee. Each speaker is given a topic, chosen by the executive committee based on the needs of the union. Speakers can be suggested by any JKUATCU member at the beginning of the semester and are vetted and approved by the Executive Committee. Any suggestions for speakers can be sent via email to

How can one give tithes/offerings if they’ve missed the service?

Currently this can be done by contacting the JKUATCU treasurer. (Contacts provided on the Executive Committee Page)

How can one donate or give a love offering to JKUATCU?

One can put their love offering/donation in an envelope provided by ushers during fellowships/services and give it as the offering bag is passing around or they can contact the JKUATCU treasurer.


Commission is an international conference on Missions that takes place every three years in Kenya. It usually takes place in December and it aims to equip students and Christians already in the workforce on missions work and effective evangelism. It involves thousands of delegates from many countries worldwide. More info can be found here.

What is the Ezra Conference?

The Ezra is a national missions conference very much like commission that takes place every year except the year that commission takes place. It also takes place in December and has aims and goals similar to those of COMMISSION. More info can also be found here.

Who is the JKUAT Chaplain and what does he/she do?

The JKUAT Chaplain is a staff member who links all chaplaincy organizations (Christian Union, SDA and Catholic community) in JKUAT to the Administration. He/She is appointed by the university administration and  also serves as a religious counselor to the Christian community in JKUAT.

Who is the JKUATCU Patron and what does he/she do?

The Patron is a staff member who provides an advisory role to the Executive Committee and also links JKUATCU to the Administration but with two major differences.

  • The Patron represents JKUATCU.
  • The Patron is chosen by and can be impeached by the Executive Committee and serves a term of two spiritual years subject to renewal by the executive committee.

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