Sound & Lighting Ministry

Have you ever been in a gathering where the sound quality is bad, or in a fellowship and that sharp, whistling sound comes from the public address system? Well, if you have been ‘lucky’ enough to have experienced that, you will agree with us that it is quite or very annoying depending on how loud and monotonous it will be.

Our Mandate

We are here to ensure that we provide quality sound to our level best, most commonly during Wednesday fellowships, Saturday revivals, Sunday services, CU events and music ministry practice sessions. We do routine checkups on the sound equipment and repair (if we can).

We carry the equipment from the CU office to where the sound is to be set-up and back.
We are the custodians of the sound and musical equipment of the Christian Union.

We also do lighting for CU events.

Johnson Chege Thairu Sound Team Head 0796 579 544
Pauline Peter Nyakiha Assistant Head 0713 479 291