CU Library Ministry
Serving under the literature committee, we are responsible for the growth and encouragement of members by making available different kinds of literature like: Bibles, Quran, discipleship, inspirational, relationships, prayer, missions, biographies and Bible concordance books. All this to develop a reading culture among and in every member.
Based at the CU office, we open on Sundays from 2:30 to 4:00pm for book lending. Be sure to borrow a book or two, for yourself, friends and roommate(s).We also have Bible and book sales every Sunday after every service.
We meet for prayers at the Upper Chambers every Friday 1-2pm.
Evelyne Kirigo  Chief Librarian 0722668757
Vincent Omondi Assistant Librarian 0799188975
Irene Njeri Writers Head 0707508956
Ian Odhiambo Prayer Secretary 0740133319