Creative Arts Ministry


*Hosting/Staging talents night and talents fiesta.
*Fortnight ministrations (dance, skit, narratives, poems/spoken word and other forms of art) in the JKUATCU Sunday services.
*High school ministries in conjunction with the High School Ministry.
*Conduct missions (Usually in September).

Leadership Structure

1. Creative Arts Head (appointed by the executive committee)

2. Creative Arts Vice Head

3. Communications Head

4. Treasurer

5. Dance Head

6. Theatre Head

7. Follow up & Bible Study (Manifest Head)

8. Follow up & Bible Study (Jewels Head)

Meeting Schedule

*Mondays (1pm to 2pm & 5pm to 6pm) ~ Behind Engineering workshops for prayers
*Mondays & Fridays (7:30pm to 10pm) ~ SPA 004 for meeting and practice sessions

Joy Ndemaki Creative Arts Head 0740564271
Joshua Ochami Creative Arts Vice Head 0748220251
Adrian Orioki Communication Head 0115137457
Emmaqulate Barasa Treasurer 0743254241
Josh Mwendwa Dance Head 0716023470
Kristin Auma Theatre Head 0718236084
Elias Maziko Manifest Head 0707823838
Grace Otieno Jewels Head: 0746273365