Ed-IT Ministry

The Ed-IT ministry(Formally Editorial and IT ministries) is linked to the executive committee by the media and publicity secretary.


We are responsible for the following:

  • Publicizing activities and making notices as deemed necessary.
  • Editing and producing the Union’s Literature such as magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, flyers and blogs.
  • Managing the Union’s database.
  • Updating and managing the Union’s web presence i.e,this website, portal, Facebook page, twitterhandle,YouTube channel e.t.c
  • Projection for the various CU services and makes clips for announcements during Wednesday Fellowships.
  • Filming of sermons and availing the same to the members of the Union together with the Sound Team.

Meeting Schedule

Mondays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Hall 7 (Technology House) Room 32 or any other room determined by the leaders. We also hold prayers on the same day at the RPE grounds from 6:00pm to 6:50pm.

Wednesdays 6:50pm -7:15pm at the Upper Chambers.

Sundays 6:45am – 7:10 am behind LT in preparation for 1st and 2nd Services.

Leadership structure:

Ed-IT Head

Magazine and publications Head

Projection/Clips Head

Videography Head

Prayer Facilitator

Website and Database Head


1.When new members join, they should be trained within the 1st month of their registration.

2.Before borrowing of equipment a typed letter will be given and it should contain the willingness of the party to be liable in case of any damage or loss of the equipment. The letter should be formal and signed.

3.In case any instrument is borrowed, in case of any damage the party with it will be responsible.

4.The borrowed equipment should be returned immediately after the stated time in the borrowing letter, otherwise a penalty of Kshs. 50 per hour gets to effect.

Devin Juma Ed-IT Director 0742133453
Carol Mwangi Projection/Clips Head 0796403882
Samuel Otieno Videography 0796771079
Virginia  Print and Blog Head 079178676
Florence Wanga Prayer Secretary 0790684725
Elvis Teeka Website and Database Head 0798795451