About us

The Uttermost Evangelistic Team (UET) consists of students mainly from Kenya’s Ukambani region and carries out Evangelism in and out of campus and in Ukambani.

Weekly Meetings

Sundays 4:00pm-6:00pm NSC 007 for fellowship.

Thursdays 6:00pm-7:00pm Outside AMB for prayers

Leadership Structure

A Branch Executive Committee(BEC) consists of 9 members with the posts below:

1. Chairman

2. Vice chairperson

3. Treasurer

4. Secretary

5. Vice Secretary

6. Missions Coordinator

7. Music Director

8. Prayer Secretary

9. Nurturing Leader.

We are under the constitution of (UET-National).

Bosco Mwendwa: Chairperson 0718853927
Lilian Nguyo: Vice Chairperson 0702680982
James King’oo: Missions Coordinator 0743911076
Theophilus Maneno: Secretary 0704346345
Winnie Mbithi: Treasurer 0707488283
Ann Mumo: Vice Secretary 0710853213
Patrick Nzavi : Prayer Secretary 0702175310
Peter Musyoka: Music Director 0708229528
Grace Mwende: Nurturing Leader 0706330284

Twitter: @uetjkuat

Email: uetjkuat@gmail.com