About us

The Nairobi Evangelistic Team (NAIRET) is an Evangelistic Team under the JKUAT Christian Union that reaches out to people living in NAIROBI and it’s environs.

Ministries Within NAIRET

NAIRET has four ministries within it, namely; Dance, Music, Drama and Resource. These ministries arose due to the various talents in the fellowship. They help especially in monitoring growth in the fellowship.

Weekly Schedule

The fellowship meets twice in a week:

Mondays,where emphasis is more on the Word and on Thursdays where emphasis is on Worship.

Thursday is also the Prayer and Fasting day with prayers held in the morning from (5.30 a.m – 6.30a.m) and lunchtime from (1.00 pm – 2.00 pm).


The average number of people attending the fellowship has been gradually increasing to about 150 people every week. NAIRET has formed good relationships with institutions and schools such as Brainston Academy and JoyTown Secondary School where it goes to mentor and minister to the students every semester. This forms part of the mission field for the fellowship. Besides this, NAIRET when called upon, ministers in various churches, children homes and takes part in the annual CU missions.


Annual NAIRET events include The Point 5 (Half Kesha of worship), The Dinner and a Play production depending on the vision of the leadership.

Leadership Structure

The Fellowship is led by a committee that composes of : The Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Prayer Coordinator, Missions and Events Coordinator, Music Director, Drama Coordinator,Dance Coordinator, Resource Coordinator and the Welfare Secretary.

It is our prayer that NAIRET will continue to grow deeper in the Word as we devote ourselves to the apostles teaching, to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and in Prayer in line with our ET’s Motto, Acts 2:42. God Bless you.

Henton Ngugi Chairperson 0736 633 968
Angela Achieng’ Secretary 0729 401 030
Ronny Nthamburi Treasurer 0724 462 764
Sharon Muthoni Missions Coordinator 0711 872 953
Mercy Joy Programs Coordinator 0780 137 493
Cynthia Mutheu Welfare Coordinator 0717 223 683
Wesley Kisia Prayer & BS Coordinator 0707 587 775
Maryann Muriuki Music Director 0790 104 243
Joshua Wamalwa Dance Coordinator 0705 866 428
Goria Koech Resource Coordinator 0702 545 918