JKUAT CHRISTIAN UNION is a non denominational fellowship of Christian students at the JKUAT main campus in Juja. Our goal is to fellowship together as students, encouraging one another and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus both throughout the campus and also without campus.

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The Executive

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the JKUAT CHRISTIAN UNION and it is the committee that coordinates all other committees and departments within the union.

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Our Mission

To evangelize by influence, lifestyle and through other in-reach/outreach modes, to the Church and society and to equip leaders in all areas of leadership.

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Membership is open to all born-again students of the JKUAT Main Campus in Juja, who agree with our doctrinal basis. There is no membership fee required.

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— Our Vision

“To be the voice in this generation, in and out of campus; being perfect models of Godly transformation.”


We fellowship every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at the JKUAT Main Campus Assembly Hall and on Sundays we have three services; first service from 7:00am to 8:40am, second service from 9:00am – 10:40am and the third one from 11:00am to 12:40pm at the JKUAT Main Campus Assembly Hall.

We hold various programs such as Bible Study and Discipleship to ensure the Church is well grounded in Christian principles and in the word of God.


We have various projects underway, the major one being the Tujenge Kasiluni project which is aimed at providing sustainable sanitation facilities, clean drinking water and quality permanent learning classrooms at Kasiluni primary school and lighting for Kasiluni primary and the surrounding Kasiluni community in Kitui County, Kenya. Every year, we go out to spread the gospel to diverse areas in Kenya, especially those that haven’t been widely reached with the gospel.


We are affiliated to FOCUS KENYA (Fellowship of Christian Unions), which is an organization that serves as an umbrella body bringing together Christian unions from different universities and colleges throughout Kenya. FOCUS’ aim is to facilitate mutual support, inter-campus sharing of ideas and sharpening of leadership capacities for effective Christian work within the affiliated institutions and later in the world of work.


Every semester, we hold several events, all having specific themes and goals. The major events we hold include:

  • Unashamed Praise – This is a worship night held at mid-semester of the second semester of the spiritual year.
  • Afternoon Of Worship – This is a worship afternoon held at mid-semester of the third (interim) semester of the spiritual year.
  • Talents night – This is a night where members and guests showcase their talents and gifts. It is held at mid-semester of the first semester of the spiritual year.
  • Prayer Keshas (Vigils) – We normally hold two prayer keshas every semester. One at the beginning of the semester and the other towards the end of the semester. The prayer keshas are usually the climaxes of a prayer week.