Our Vision

To be the voice in this generation, in and out of campus; being perfect models of Godly transformation.

Who are we?

This is a title

ornament1 The JKUAT CHRISTIAN UNION is a non-denominational fellowship of Christian students at the JKUAT main campus in Juja. Our goal is to fellowship together as students, encouraging one another and proclaiming the gospel of Jesus both throughout the campus and also without campus.

Sub - Committee


A sub-committee in the JKUAT Christian Union refers to a ministry/committee in the union. The term literally refers to committees under the executive committee. Every committee in the Union is represented in the executive committee.



An ET is an Evangelistic Team. It is a group of JKUATCU members from a common region in Kenya whose main aim is to evangelize both within campus and without but especially in the regions from which the members come from.

Our Projects

ornament1 JKUATCU is undertaking a project aimed at providing sustainable facilities, clean drinking water and quality permanent learning classrooms at Kasiluni Primary School in Kitui County.

Upcoming Events