Welfare Ministry





We primarily cater for the financial needs of the Union’s members and other members of the undergraduate student community of the university when the need arises in the following order of priority:

  • Fees
  • Food
  • Transport
  • Any other need deemed necessary by the Committee
  • Academic trips are NOT considered for assistance

Meeting Schedules:


Fridays 1pm at upperchambers for prayers.


Composition of the committee

i. Chairperson appointed
ii. Secretary appointed
iii. Treasurer appointed
iv. The Manifest Head who is an ex-officio member
v. The Hospitality Head who is an ex-officio member
vi. Two other members

All are appointed by the Executive Committee



Jamleck Gitau : Chairperson 0707557131
Grace Nyambura: Secretary 0725374203
Joseph Mathu : Treasurer 0720057993
Genevive Ayuma : Member 0717902176
Harriet Njoki : Member 0727208415
Joy Mchungaji : Member 0710913453



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