Sunday School Ministry

Teaching Sunday school kids based on Biblical teachings
Conducting services for kids

Meeting Schedule:

Every first Monday of the month @ 5:30 pm for concussions of prayer and fasting at ALB.
Every Sunday morning at ALB on 7:45 am.
Every Sunday from 8-10 am for Sunday school service and classes.

Leadership Structure:

I am the current Sunday school superitendant, we have 3 classes i.e baby class,middle class and upper class each with a class teacher.We also have a secretary and a treasurer.

Who should join:

One should be :
A born again Christian, Caring, able to teach, understanding and
a person with right doctrine among others.

Members Range Between 10 to 30.

Joel Sartauwa: Secretary
Jackline: Treasurer
Irene Mokami: Teacher- Upper Class
Susan Njeri: Teacher- Middle Class
Aaron Rotich: Taecher- Lower Class