About us

Our core activity as SORET is to evangelize to the people of South Rift-Valley and also take part in high school weekend challenges especially in South Rift. We also minister to students during our fellowships.


The activities we have are: prayer retreats, social retreats, sports day, first years’ walk and bash and continuous in-reach in hostels within and without school.


We range between 70 and 100 in every fellowship.

There are no requirements. Anyone with a passion of knowing God more can join.

We also have a constitution.

Meeting Schedule

Sunday, 3:45pm-5:45pm RH 02 for fellowship.
Sunday, 9:30pm-10:00pm Upper Chambers for prayers.
Thursday(fortnightly), 6:00pm RPE for prayer and fasting conclusion.
Friday, 7:00pm-9:00pm RH 02 for intercessory prayers.

Leadership Structure

Chairperson (Dad)
Vice chairperson (Mum)
Vice secretary
Organizing Secretary
Missions Coordinator
Prayer Secretary
Praise and Worship Leader

The teams we have are: Missions committee, Technical team and Hospitality team

Patrick Kiprotich: Chairperson 0729044080
Lydia Mosop: Vice Chairperson 0720853313
Davis Koech: Secretary 0715740260
Maureen Chepkemoi: Vice Secretary 0706286842
Jonah Kemei: Treasurer 0729998619
Festus  Bor: Organizing Secretary 0724554545
Mercy Cherono: Missions Coordinator 0718816797
James Kipetu: Prayer Secretary 0716823049
Sharon Chepkoech: Praise & worship leader 0700785113