Music Ministry

Role of Music Ministry

Music Ministry is a sub-committee in the Christian Union mandated to facilitate corporate worship in all the union’s activities as well as any musical ministration as and when called upon inside or outside campus e.g. choir ministration,thereby serving the objectives of the Christian Union of evangelism through songs and lifestyle.


Membership is granted after auditions which take place in the 3rd week of every semester. The auditions are preceded by a prayer retreat (the previous week).


  • Praise Teams i.e.Tehilla, Shabbach and Yaddah
  • Choir
  • Instrumentalist

The Praise & Worship teams lead the praise and worship sessions during CU gatherings. The praise and worship is divided into three teams:

  • Yaddah,
  • Tehilla
  • Shabbach

The word Shabach means to address in a loud tone, a loud adoration, a shout. Proclaim with a loud voice, unashamed, the GLORY, TRIUMPH, POWER, MERCY, LOVE OF GOD. This word implies that testimony is praise.
Tehillah means to sing, to laud. A spontaneous new song. Singing from a melody in your heart by adding words to it. This refers to a special kind of singing-it is singing unprepared, unrehearsed songs. Brings tremendous unity to the body of Christ. Singing straight to God.
Yaddah means to worship with the extended hand. The giving of oneself in worship and adoration. To lift your hands unto the Lord. It carries the meaning of absolute surrender as a young child does to a parent – “pick me up, I’m all yours”.


It is formed by the various Praise & Worship Teams and is lead by a Choir master/director. The choir ministers through songs twice a month during Sunday services, alternating with the creative arts ministry.


The Instrumentalists are one set of talented men and women who minister simultaneously with the choir and praise & worship teams by playing musical instruments.The music ministry embraces worship as a lifestyle and encourages spiritual growth especially through Consistent Bible Reading (CBR), Bible Study, prayer and fasting and also bonding within the ministry for encouragement. Other activities include occasional goat-eating, retreats/outings and music workshops.


We also hold at least two worship events in a year; The famous Unashamed Praise (UP) and Afternoon Of Worship. UP is an overnight Worship Experience that takes place at mid-semester of the second semester of a spiritual year(Usually in March). Afternoon Of Worship is on the other hand an afternoon of worship as the title suggests and takes place at mid-semester of the third (interim) semester of a spiritual year (Usually in July). We hope to see you at the events.


We meet every Sunday from 7 to 8pm for evaluation in our respective groups/teams and twice a month, we have a joint evaluation at the Common Lecture Building (CLB).
We also hold several practice sessions depending on the frequency of ministrations

Music Ministry Vision

To unite the church through corporate worship that seeks to stir up the hearts of men in our generation,pointing the young and the old to the finished work of Christ at Calvary and reviving a well-cultivated true heart of worship

Jeremiah Ongwenyi: Music Director 0719 352 072
Bravin Odhiambo: Choir Director 0718 530 691
Mercy Ochola: Praise & Worship Coordinator 0724 000 929
Shadrack Bogonko: Chief Instrumentalist 0706 415 840
Praise & Worship Team Heads
Anne Wanjiku: Yaddah Mom 0708 101 651
Peter Musembi: Yaddah Dad 0702 554 142
Kellen Njoroge: Shabach Mom 0716 555 996
Jeff Athanasio: Shabach Dad 0725 918 878
Mercy Kubania: Tehillah Mom 0703 725 893
Thomas Glory: Tehillah Dad 0718 571 458