Creative Arts Ministry


*Hosting/Staging talents night and talents fiesta.
*Fortnight ministrations (dance, skit, narratives, poems/spoken word and other forms of art) in the JKUATCU sunday services.
*High school ministries in conjuction with the High School Ministry.
*Conduct missions (Usually in September).

Leadership Structure

1. Creative Arts Head (appointed by the executive committee)
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Dance Head
6. Theatre Head
7. Follow up & Bible Study (Manifest Head)
8. Follow up & Bible Study (Jewels Head)

Meeting Schedule

*Mondays (1pm to 2pm & 5pm to 6pm) ~ Upper Chambers for prayers
*Mondays & Fridays (7:30pm to 10pm) ~ COHES 1st floor Room 116 for meeting and practice sessions
*Saturdays (3pm to 5pm) ~ NSC Forest for Bible Study/Sharing

Patrick K. Waweru : Creative Arts Head 0728 709190
Nicole Mumbi Kithome: Creative Arts Head 0700 408948
Roseline Kiama: Secretary 0706 746833
Bess Kakhoya: Treasurer 0701 022844
Titus Marita Rioba: Dance Head 0727 457410
Evans Kirimi: Theatre Head 0713 422057
Ian Nzonzo Musyoka : Follow up & Bible Study (Manifest Head) 0725 413920
Edith Kalondu : Follow up & Bible Study (Jewels Head): 0726 767454