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Psalm 105:15 is interesting. It says:
“Touch not the Lord’s anointed nor do his prophets any harm”

It’s a word of warning. Do not touch the Lord’s anointed.
A pastor calling themselves anointed. How humble!!

Who is anointed?
Well recall what David, the sweet Psalmist and singer of Israel had to say. There he was, a young lad, anointed to kingship by Samuel the prophet. You see Saul, the first king, had displeased the Lord and David, young as he was is chosen in his stead. He is skillful in many ways: he takes on bears and lions, kills a giant and plays a harp. Oh my! This guy, how unstoppable he is! Winsome. Women sang about him. Men looked up to him as young as he was.

Remember this story in 1 SAMUEL 18?
David is brought in to play his harp and he does so skillfully. Saul, the sitting king, was going through spiritual oppressions and demonic delusions caused by an evil spirit. Saul loved David on one hand but was jealous, envious, threatened by him on the other hand. He listens to him play on one moment then the next to he reaches to his javelin and Booom! aims it at David’s head. It misses David.
It happens a second time, then a third time and David realizes it’s time for him to run for his life.
Jonathan encourages him. “That’s the spirit, it’s time for you to run, leave, go.”

You see David would have said, “Who does he (Saul) think he is sitting on that throne? He has been disobedient to the Lord. He’s been involved in things that aren’t right. He’s demonized and I,” David would say, “have been anointed by Samuel the prophet. It’s already happened.”

David didn’t do that but instead he ran, left the place.
A few chapters later, Saul tries his javelin-throwing on Jonathan after he discovers that he is friends with David and has been instrumental in his escape.

Listen to this:
You throw spears at people, you’re going end up throwing spears at people that you love and are linked with and care about
The thing about spear throwing is that it just gets out of control.
“I’m mad at him.” Boom!
“I don’t like her.” Boom!
“I’m not going stay with him.” Boom!

Once you start throwing spears, the problem is you’ll end up doing it to them, to people you love. You’ll hurt people you’re close to; that husband of yours, that daughter, son, sister, brother, whoever it is you really care about. That is the problem. Saul ended up throwing spears at Jonathan.
Back to Saul and David:
Saul gets an army and trails David down to the wilderness area of En-gedi, an oasis down by the Dead Sea. The afternoon heat gets too much and he decides to have a siesta, inside a cave.
Little did he know that a little bit further, in the very same, cave was David. David had the chance to lope off Saul’s head. His men beside him whispered, “David here’s your chance. Lope off his head!”
David didn’t do that but instead went and cut a little piece of Saul’s robe to show him just how merciful he had been to him. Here’s the most interesting part though. After cutting a piece of Saul’s robe, David’s heart condemns him, and he cries out, “I should not have touched the Lord’s anointed. I shouldn’t even have nicked his garment.”

And David repented.

How heroic. How sweet. I mean he only cut off a piece of his garment, right? I mean he deserved his head off his neck!

But David said, “I should never even have nicked his garments. He’s the Lord’s anointed.”

“No! No! No! David! You’re anointed. Remember Samuel pouring oil on you?”

“No. Until the Lord takes Saul out, until the Lord removes him, I must not touch him.”

David’s heart convicted him. David’s heart condemned him. David’s heart declared, “I shouldn’t have done this. I shouldn’t have touched the Lord’s anointed like I did.” 1 Samuel 24:6

That not so kind spouse that you might be linked to, those not so cool parents that you might have, that boss that you think is demonic, that president…they’ve been anointed.
Saul was anointed and David acknowledges this and goes on ahead to repent nicking his garment. He knows God would take care of him but in the meantime, he had to put up with the spear-throwing because through it all, God was making him into the man He wanted him to become.

He is making you into the person He wants you to become.

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