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I had this conversation with someone a couple of weeks ago. The normal, not-so-deep-after-service conversation. The one that starts with “Sema, uko poa? How’ve you been?” then is preceded by a , “Niko poa, na wewe??” Try answering a “Siko poa” one of these days. I have, once and the inquisitive party was thrown off balance for a moment because “siko poa” hadn’t been a part of their forethought, pre-planned conversation. Let’s use some of these niceties with genuine concern brethren, (and sistrethen), no?

So amid the light talk, I tell the person of the Reboot 2016 magazine that is available on the JKUATCU website. On the blogsite, to be specific. And they’re shocked. Disturbed. Confused. Reboot? Is that a sci-fi movie? Some sort of an atomic weapon?? ***They didn’t say this. I managed to get this from the furrows on their face*** They had no idea what Reboot was, let alone a CU blog.

The Reboot magazine is an annual publication of the JKUATCU. It’s like a Parents, or a Nairobi Business Magazine, or a Readers Digest, only that it’s JKUATCU’s. Reboot 2016 specifically, has articles that address a number of issues that affect the Spirituality of the Union’s members. And photos. Rare photos of people you see in suits (that still have the tell-a-tale of newness stickers) during service, captured, trousers folded knee-length, pushing a bus stuck in the mud in Mara.

The Union also has a blog. This one. The one you’re on right now. There’s an effect a well written, (in English or Kiswahili), doctrinally and Spiritually sound, edifying, soothing/ disturbing article has on one. It gives you (the reader) that chance written literature gives one. The chance to get into the writer’s skin and see things from their perspective and get your own at the same time. It gives you (the writer) a chance, as someone said, to turn blood into ink. One that’ll be imprinted on someone’s heart, or a newspaper somewhere someday. You can never tell.

ED-IT ministry invites articles of the named features from the Union’s members. Forward your articles to

Today’s article is Reboot 2016:

Happiest, happiest, happiest Easter.

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