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It’s a few weeks after Easter. A time like this, about two millennia ago, the disciples of Christ were in Jerusalem beholding a resurrected man. They had seen Lazarus after resurrection, a bundle from darkness, all wrapped up, complete with the stench of death. Jesus was a different kind of a resurrectee altogether. One who didn’t elicit the characteristic fear of the dead and death but one that sparked a longing for it. One who didn’t bring the emptiness of heart (and stomach) of a shepherd who had left before and was about to leave once more. He filled their stomachs with fish sandwich and made a promise of One who would fill their spirits as well.

He left. It wasn’t a pomp departure, just a simple cloud ride. So they went back to Jerusalem to wait for this Fill. Stayed locked up in an upper room in one of those high Jerusalem buildings, away from all the “we-finally-nailed-Jesus” self-congratulatory proclamations of the Pharisees. Away from all the sympathetic stares of their sympathizers who in reality though sympathized with themselves because their source of bread, fish and miracles was gone.

It was a tough one, this wait. They had expectations, you see. Peter, for one, with all his restlessness imagined a Helper whose help he’d use to finally make that perfect walk on water without messing with the buoyancy. He saw people, lined up along the shores of Lake Galilee, awed by a walking-on-water man and acknowledging Christ as a result. This restlessness made him bring to table a suggestion to find a replacement for Judas because really if this Helper was going to help do such and many other things, then it’d only be fair if they were twelve once again. God has a way of having His way through our weaknesses, no??
Thomas waited for this Fill as well. The one that would remind him of Jesus’ “Do not fear” because as much as he wanted to not fear, to not doubt, there was always this itch. This itch of skepticism and disbelief right where his spirit lay that would suffice every time the call to trust and believe came.

He finally came. The Holy Spirit. They were all together and he was everything but their expectations. He was like the rush of a mighty wind, so turbulent crushing their fears. He was as tongues of fire, so hot burning out their callousness of hearts. He did more than help them walk on water. More than erase fear and doubt. More than give fish sandwich. He set them above themselves. He set them above the Hebrew language and they spoke Arabic and many other tongues. He set them above any I.C. issues and made Peter stand up and address the crowds. He set them above their literacy levels that when they spoke, the Pharisees recognised, despite their illiteracy and normalcy that they had been with Jesus. All for His name’s sake.

They received a Counsellor, a Helper, a Comforter, God’s own spirit who revealed God’s own heart and one who taught and reminded them of Christ’s teachings. One who revived their spirits and souls and beings for His name’s sake.

Will you not revive us again, (with your Spirit) that your people may rejoice in you?
***Scripture references: Acts 1,2,3,4. Psalms 85:6 1 Corinthians 1:10 John 15, 16***

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