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I lived an ironic life,

Showered daily, yet full of strife,

Lived on smiles concealing tears,

Perfect at sight, blinded inside,

Always with company yet lonely at heart.


Lost in my confusion,

Kept knocking the wrong doors,

Sought the wrong things,

Asked the wrong people,

And certainly lived the wrong life.


‘Wasn’t Christianity for the lowly’ I thought,

Always seeking something,

Seemingly not finding,

Ironically being the lowly fool,

Sin kept pulling me,

Our friendship full of strings attached,

One would call it FWB,

Was a two-way just like communication,

I pulled its pleasures, sense of absorption,

But it pulled much more, my value, dignity, not withholding respect,

Surely its whispers of love destroyed my eardrums.


In the midst of my ungodliness,

Hotbed of unrighteousness,

Lay a remnancy of guilt,

My flesh wrestled my spirit,

A bullet to my head would certainly complement,

I had a moment of reflection,

God’s divine intervention,

Ceased endless haunts of my past,

And shackles of my failures.

Done with twisting truths for corruption,

Mercy had brought a spiritual conception,

A bold love brought revolution,

Drowning in God’s ocean of love, celebration,


Like a soldier I will fight till end,

Give up all, for what’s worth,

The amazing grace of Jesus.


© 2018 JKUAT Christian Union | Glory to God Alone.
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