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The jkuat CU blog is finally here and it comes with a blog for those of you who are lovers of the pen. Are you that person with a heart touching story, a moving poem or a transforming article, and it has never had effect on anyone because no one has ever gotten to read it? Well, this is your chance to let yourself be used for a higher purpose. This is your opportunity to present that which has been written by you, where the masses of jkuat and beyond will get to read it. Maybe you are that person who want to be the chief editor of a certain magazine, or to have a column, well this blog is providing you a column where you can touch on issues that greatly concern the society.

Or you are that person who has been praying and trusting  God that someday you will be a writer of motivational books that will lift and touch the souls of those that have lost hope and floating in the tears of their disparity. Here is your chance to begin your journey of a thousand miles. Through this blog you will encourage, you will preach, you will teach, you will hearten and you will evangelize. It is your opportunity to motivate, to uplift, to inspire, to rebuke , to correct, to educate, to admonish, to cheer, to gladden, to edify and to caution.

You can send your articles to or call the number 0716250985.

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